It was an unusually cool April afternoon for the hot track on the outside road course at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for Round 3 of the Vegas Drift ProAm. It could explain the exciting Top 16 ladder that lead to an amazing finish with multiple one more times. Whatever the reason, it would be a repeat podium finish for veteran driver and a first ever for a rookie.

Top 16 began with a one more time between the STR Racing S13 of George Kiriakopoulos and Josh Mcguire. George would move on with 4 of the five judges giving favor; who were Danny George of STR Racing, Forrest Wang of Get Nuts Labs, Odi Bakchis of Nitto Tires/Feal Suspension, Pat Mordaunt of ARK Performance, and George Garcia of Everything Drift.

Cameron Moore and Eric Costen would battle next with Cameron getting the majority vote into the Great 8. Then it was Waylon Deno and Blake Olsen and they were the next one more time battle. The pair would have had another battle, but Waylon would put tires off for a zero and Olsen was able to move on.

Faruk Kugay and Gary Ganotisi would battle but it was all Ganotisi in the judges’ eyes and moving on to the Great 8. This would take us to the other side of the ladder with Matthew Dale and Frank Cundari. Cundari would get the majority vote and the entry into the Great 8.

Riley Fremont, who is only 17 years old, and Mikey Stark would be next but Stark would spin out in his lead run giving the win and entry to the young Fremont. Spike Chen and Rob Carlson would be a straight win for Spike when he gained full favor of all five judges. Previous round winner, Brandon Patterson, and Dylan Hummel would end with Brandon getting all of the judges on his side and giving him the win.

Before George Kiriakopoulos could face off against Cameron Moore, George would call for a 5 minute time out to fix an issue with his fuel system. He would make the repair in time but on his follow run, a boost hose would pop off and Moore would get the win with a car in better condition and making a full run.

Blake Olsen and Gary Ganotisi were next and while it wasn’t clear cut on the winner, Blake would get three out of the five judges to rule in his favor. Blake was in the Final Four and the Exotics Racing crew would cheer on their fellow driver.

The next battle for entry into the final four was between Frank Cundari and Riley Fremont. The young man was on a roll with four out of the five judges giving him favor.

Next up was Spike Chen and Brandon Patterson, which was a rematch battle from Round 2! Brandon came out on top there, but couldn’t shake Spike and his supercharged S13. It would lead to a one more time battle. In the end, tire attrition would bite Patterson, and Spike Chen was in the final four looking to make a three-peat podium in VegasProAm Southwest Series.

This was one of the best two battles of Round 3 and it was between Blake Olsen and Cameron Moore. It would also determine who went on to the finals and who would have to settle for a possible third place. It would also take three one more time battles. In the final, three of the five judges would see that Cameron Moore was the better driver, but only just. Blake would have to try and score third place.

Who each driver would face came with three one more time battles as well! First run each driver would put on a lead run and then bobble on their follow. Then each would have a great follow, but their lead runs weren’t up to snuff. Finally, Spike Chen would get a three to two favor against Riley Fremont and Moore would face Chen in the finals.

As if two full one more time battles weren’t enough, third place would see a one more time between Blake Olsen and Riley Fremont. The first run was two for Riley, two for one more time, and one for Blake. However, Blake’s grip went away and Riley Fremont would get his first ever VegasProAm podium.

The final would not see a one more time battle, but it was still exciting. It would come down to a four to one decision, with four going to the victor and one for a one more time. That victor and your champion for Round 3 of the Vegas Drift ProAm is Spike Chen! Cameron Moore would come home with second place, Riley Fremont third.






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