After a whole day and night finishing up the final touches on the car, the 12hr journey to Vegas Pro Am began around 7am Friday Jan 17th ( day before the event) The drive went smooth and we arrived in enough time go out on the strip for a little and still get a few hours of sleep before the event at 730 am. The day started out decent with me driving about a mile down the road to get some pump gas for my car and testing out the new 65 shot of nitrous ( spins 3rd 🙂 ).

My very first run on the track went pretty well, i initiated very aggressively and completed the course drifting the whole thing, 2nd run went very well following one of the other drivers that made it pretty far in competition. At the very end of the 2nd run the car started hiccuping and sputtering and shutting off on the way back to the pits. I shut it off for 5 min and limped back to the pits where we then tried to diagnose the problem. Fuel pump relay was clicking so we hard wired it into the fuze box, and replaced the pump at the same time. We though all was well until i lined up for my 1st qualifying run, car died right there before the line. Towed it back to the pits and bypassed the relay’s. Finally got it running good enough to get my 2nd qualifying run. The run just was not good enough as I didn’t have the track dialed in yet but i still qualified 19th out of 52 drivers. They were only doing a top 16 competition so my competition day was done.

I decided to go for a fun run on the other track where the car died right at the line again, started running on random cylinders and shutting off and popping. Just got it off the track enough to tow it back and push it on the trailer 🙁 Stayed in Vegas another 2 days and lost a little more money then i wanted to on the craps table but still had fun non the less with my friends and brother that made the trip with me.

The cage is from Hanksville hotrods! They do amazing work and they plan on doing a mail order/ weld it yourself version of this cage!!

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