Jon and GeneJon Chase is a professional artist and owner of Riverside based lifestyle / clothing brand, DSTROYR. DSTROYR has been involved with and supported VegasProAm since day one in 2010. Jon sponsors several Formula Drift professionals including Kyle Mohan, Fd 2013 Rookie of the year Mats Baribeau, Tengku Djan, VPA judge Aurimus “Odi” Bakchis, as well as, a handful of Pro-Am / grassroots drivers.

Besides drifting, DSTROYR sponsors athletes in MMA, Skateboarding, Gaming, and even competitive shooting (DSTROYR Team). But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Jon has done some notable artwork projects for Disney’s The Muppets, Heavy Metal giant “Metallica,” and even die-cast model / toy company “Maisto.”

Vd – Tell us about yourself and the origin of DSTROYR. How old were you when you started drawing?DSTROYR_2

JC – I am an illustrator / artist / designer / gear head from California. I have been professional artist for 12 years now working in everything from clothing to die-cast cars. Have a wonderful wife and two awesome kids, my family makes me happy everyday.

DSTROYR focuses quite a bit on automotive culture, art, rock n roll, monsters, gaming, movies, pretty much everything I’m into.

I started DSTROYR in April of 2008 as a personal outlet and a place for me to create designs I really wanted. I created the first 13 shirts in a two week period, and was just kinda getting some ideas I had for years down on print. By July 2008 I opened up a online store and a small store front in Riverside.

I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon from what my mom says.

Vd – What is your favorite project up to date?

JC – My favorite was hands down the collaboration with The Muppets. It was a three brand collaboration Disney, Noah FineArt, DSTROYR, and the first time Disney has done that from what I was told. It’s crazy I used to watch that show on tv when I was a kid and to have the chance to recreate them in my style was once in a lifetime. I still get stoked to see a Kermit The Frog shirt with a DSTROYR logo on the sleeve. So was I able to have my twist on Gonzo The Great, Beaker, and Kermit The Frog. We had a two day event at Downtown Disney California where we did signing and live demos. The product was only available at Downtown Disney California and Florida.The Muppets Project

Vd – We know you picked up a 64′ Chevy II wagon and have been working on it. Any updates on that project?

The ol' 64 wagonJC – Yes, I picked up my wagon a year and half ago. It’s my daily driver since I got it, it was kinda rough mechanically but I have been tackling it one piece at a time. So basically the previous owner had done some suspect stuff to it just to get by. I just recently rewired the wagon and it’s much nicer to drive. Everything works the way it should. But other that the rewire it had the suspension, interior, wheels and tires upgraded for now. Next on the list will be the front disc brakes conversion to ditch the drums.

My 1967 Nova coupe is basically done, scratch that I did see a new rear suspension set up that would be killer. But that will have to be later down the road.

I also picked up a 1955 Bel Air and my Dad and I are getting that back on the road. It was taken apart back in 1998 and just left sitting by the previous owner. We picked it up and started to unbox everything hoping to have it back up on the road by summer maybe sooner. I am in the process of rewiring the 55 as I type this.

Vd – Favorite drift chassis?DSTROYR_FD_USA_2013_TERRY_PHAM

JC – I will have to say the the S Chassis it’s the go to platform and so many aftermarket parts for it. I am hoping that this year I can get a beat to snot S13 and drive for fun. But time will tell on that one, I keep falling in love with vintage American.

Vd – Besides art, what do you do with spare time?

JC – Hang out with my family and try and get some gaming in. Wrenching on the rides it helps ease my mind. Looking at car mags, and drinking beer pretty typical stuff.

Vd – Favorite cult classic movie?
JC – All time favorite is Blade Runner (1982) my mind is still blown away by it all these years later. I have every version of it released even a laserdisc copy.
Vd – Why are Vinyl records better than MP3 files?DSTROYR_Fly_Silent_01

JC – I grew up with records and tapes, so really it’s just the fact I have had records for as long as I can remember. Plus I really like the large packaging and the artwork with the old stuff. It is an experience to take a record out and flip it when it’s over. Yeah, it may have scratches in it and it might skip but that’s the charm. Spoken like a person who drives 40 year old cars hahaha!

Vd – What project are you currently working on?

JC – Man, working on airbrushing a surf board for Wahoos Fish Tacos artshow. The collaboration line with M7 USA / M7 Asia is always moving forward. Doing a little collabo jam with RC drift Team Saiko from Hawaii. And several other projects that I can not discuss as they are not concrete yet.

Vd – Dude, working with Metallica….what was that like?

JC – Well I didn’t work with them one on one sorry I know bummer. I was hand selected among 19 other artist to do my vision of a Metallica song. I picked The Four Horsemen from Kill Em All. The show opening the whole band was at the event it was pretty star studded. I’m a fan so meeting them was pretty awesome. Another high point in my art career I would say.James Hetfield and Jon Chase

Vd – Which artists have inspired you along the way?Getting Ink

JC – I come from a family of artists, so my Mom is a huge inspiration for sure. And my Uncle Randy who is into bikes and cars also a big influence on me. Other artist I would have to say Pushead, first time I saw his stuff in Thrasher back in 1987 I was what is this!!! Many years later when I was art directing at Famous Stars and Straps I got to work with him. So meeting him for the first time was really crazy for me. Frank Frazetta the legend if you don’t know his work look him up now like jump on the keys. Noah Elias he is my airbrush coach and great friend. His abilities are so powerful and he has really helped me guide my career.

Vd – Marvel or DC?DSTROYR and Maisto

JC – Marvel

Vd – Growing up, what was your favorite cartoon series?

JC – Battle of The Planets (G Force)

Vd – When and where is the next art show that we can find DSTROYR ?
JC – The next show is the Wahoos FishTaco surfboard show I think it’s happening end of March. I just got the call about it a few days ago.
Vd – Hey, Thanks for this excellent interview Jon! We look forward to seeing you on March 8th at Phoenix Pro-Am. Anyone you would like to shout-out?

JC – Thank you to everyone who has supported DSTROYR over the past 6 years. Keep on keeping on!

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