Vd – Hailing from Southern California, Cyrus Martinez has driven and competed with the best in the industry. While driving for the Megan Racing team in the 2011 Formula Drift season, he placed within “Top 32” overall. Currently, he is standing in 3rd place in the VegasProAm series. It’s safe to say that Cyrus has had his fair share of seat time and is truly passionate about the sport.
Ok, we know you started out in an AE86. Tell us when/where you started driving, and about your first drift car.

CM – I first started drifitng back in 2004, street drifting is all I did back in the day. I learned basic drifting watching Drift Bible LOL!! Back then that is all we had to learn from. No VegasDrift, Just Drift or Drift Day. After doing research, I learned about Drift Day here in socal. I met Taka, Yoshie, Naoki, Moto…pretty much the AE86 community back then. I was a COROLLA (AE86) fan, the car was different, it was a POS but I love it. It always had something wrong with it when you drove it normal, but once you drifted, the car was amazing. Only to find out on the way home that my trans is broken or the motor is about to blow up….hahahahah dammm corolla!! First Corolla I had I totaled it in a week and decided to buy another the day after I crashed trying to drift. After 5 years of driving a Corolla, I ended up in a S-chassis which I told myself “I WILL NEVER EVER DRIVE S-CHASSIS, COROLLA FOR LIFE” hahaha!!893223_10151411349181799_1364792224_o

Vd – What is your favorite part/upgrade to your S13?

CM – My favorite part of my S13 would be the GTX Turbo! I bought myself a GT3076 full race turbo kit back when I first started, it made really good power but with the GTX Series, and talking to Mac Crook (LEAD TEAM MECHANIC) we ended up with a GTX2867R. This turbo made the same amount of HP but made the power 3k RPM faster and made 50ft lbs more TQ.64358_640134352670427_1799150935_n

Vd – Tell us about Final Speed Garage.

CM – Final Speed Garage started back in 2011 here in my hometown Murrieta California with Me and Mac Crook. Mac is my lead mechanic, spotter, manager, and pretty much everything in Formula Drift. We both decided that we should open an auto repair shop/performance shop here in Murrieta since Mac ran his own shop and managed teams before. We both have experience as auto repair tech (MAC as the MASTER TECH, I’m just a lube tech) and aftermarket repairs. We carry brands such as Tomei, Garrett, Feal Suspension, HKS, Apexi, Greddy, Clutch Masters, Battle Version and all your performance parts you can think of, we can get for you. We also offer full computer diagnostics, performance parts installation, Performance Tuning, factory 30, 60, 90k service on all makes and models. You can reach us at (951) 698-8161 or more info at www.finalspeedgarage.com

Vd – How many drift demos do you have under your belt? Have you participated in overseas demos?

CM – I have done a good amount of drift demos with Naoki Kobayashi, Megan Racing, and Formula Drift. I did demos in the Philippines, Panama, and around the country.

Vd – Who/what inspired you to start drifting?

CM – It’s how much fun drifting is…that’s what inspired me. It takes dedication, love for the sport, commitment and just pure fun. I have met good people and had some crazy things happen during my adventure!

Vd – Of all the Formula Drift courses, which was your favorite?

CM – My favorite Formula Drift course would be Seattle, its fast and also have some technical parts. The Seattle course is where I received my Pro-Am Invitational to run the Pro- AM Finals in Irwindale back in 2009.

Vd – What was the most difficult Tandem battle you’ve experienced in your career so far?

CM – When it comes to tandem battles, I have the worse luck and I have always struggled with my qualifying. I have gone against Tanner Foust, JTP, Gittin, Conrad, Tyler Mcquarrie, Chris Forsberg (twice). Well we all know how hard to compete with these guys, really big teams and awesome drivers.

1003845_470970076322039_1832497491_nVd – What advice could you give to someone who wants to start drifting competitively?

CMMy advice for drifters that want to do this competitively is to have fun, and just be yourself. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t make top 32 or just having just plain bad time, it’s all part of competitive drifting. Have something to fall back on. Drifting would be an awesome career, but always think outside the box. It’s so much better to run your own program when your balling out of control.

Vd – Cyrus, thank you for the interview. We’ll definitely see you at VegasProAm Round 4. Who would you like to mention or thank?

CM – I would like to thank:

  • Tomei USA
  • Yukio from Garrett
  • Alex Phieffer from Battle Version
  • Odi Bakchis from Feal Suspension
  • Lewis from Clutch Masters
  • Frank from Racetune
  • Whiteline


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-Winding Highway Studios
-Dante Potenciano Photography
-Golden Automotive Photography
-Alaniz Photography


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