Vd – We are here with local driver Mark Pajak, who recently started a hobby shop called “Twisted Motion.” Mark is currently serving in the Air Force and still finds time to build cars. Ok, tell us about yourself and how you got into drifting.
MP – My name is Mark Pajak. I’m 22, currently in the US Air force as well as own Twisted Motion with Trav and Josh. I started racing on the streets at a young age like most kids who are into cars do. Then after many close calls and tickets I decided to do things a little more legit, I had a 69 Thunderbird with a 428 cobra jet. Got bored of just going strait to went to a road course, enjoyed it bought a sn95 mustang and ran the hell out of it. I was fairly decent at getting it sideways around the turns so I started looking into drifting when I was stationed out here. I found U-drift rented a car until I spent my entire paycheck which is how I got my nick name of “paycheck.” I started with a pos gen 1 rx7 then got a 240 coupe “ka” tried to go in on a wall tap and oops, totaled that one out bought another coupe from Trav and never looked back.
Vd – What upgrades and mods have you done on your S13 Coupe? (Link to Mark’s Build Thread)


  • Sr20det
  • Power FC tuned by Mike Angle at Insane Speed
  • Full Race top mount t3 turbo manifold
  • T3 twin ball bearing turbo custom built by Abe the turbo guy
  • 50mm fastwayracer bov
  • Tial waste gate
  • Hallman boost controller
  • Split fire coil packs
  • Midmounted intercooler
  • Cx racing intake manifold
  • Mishimoto radiator
  • Samco hoses
  • Cosworth headgasket
  • Arp head studs
  • Tomei pon cams
  • Bryan crower springs and retainers
  • Port/polish
  • 5 angle valve job
  • Mishi moto p/s res
  • Mishi moto coolant res
  • Cx racing Power steering cooler with an lines
  • Setrab oil cooler with an lines
  • Custom coil pack cover
  • Moroso oil pan
  • Greddy oil filter relocation kit
  • Tomei oil block
  • Custom oil catch can
  • Entire engine converted to an lines and fittings
  • Cusco motor mounts
  • Nismo trans mount
  • Os giken super single plate clutch and flywheel
  • Nismo 740 cc injectors
  • Circuit sports fuel rail
  • Sard fpr
  • Aeromotive stealth fuel pump
  • Custom brake master cylinder heat shield
  • Royal purple oil and filter
  • Ngk bkr8es plugs
Dyno 380hp at 8100 rpm


  • Varrstoen 18×10.5 0 offset wheels with 30mm spacers in front
  • Bn blister wide body
  • Dmax roof spoiler
  • Vis drift hood
  • Vis carbon fiber wing with custom adjustable mounts
  • Gtr styles grille
  • Firemist orange paint
  • OEM Silvia emblems
  • Varrstoen neo chrome lug nuts
  • Super gloss black paint with purple flake on hood and roof done by Buckey at Gloss Factory

Suspension and braking

  • 300zx tt front calipers and rotors with project mu pads
  • 300zxtt rear e brake assembly and brakes with project mu pads and shoes
  • Megan race coil overs
  • Godspeed toe arms traction arms rucas
  • S14 boxed flcas
  • Tein inner and outer tie rods
  • Custom steering knuckles
  • 5 lug conversion
  • Welded diff


  • Fd spec cage with simple dyes done by Belfab racing
  • Blox neo chrome shift knob
  • Painless performance wiring harness and switch panel
  • Sparco suede steering wheel
  • NRG hub and extension
  • Autometer phantom speedometer pyrometer boost gauge fuel tachometer water temp and oil pressure gauges
  • Custom diamond plate floor mats
  • Carbon fiber center console
  • Firemist purple paint

Vd – Briefly fill us in on the beginning of Twisted Motion.
MP – Trav and I started working from our garage selling used parts and doing jdm swaps on dsm cars and 240s before we knew it we had a line of customers wanting parts for there cars or work done. Me, Trav, and Josh sat down and decided to open a shop that gave customers top quality work at an affordable price while helping the local drift community grow. We saved every penny we possibly could and made it happen.
Vd – What are your plans for the 2013 season?
MP – I plan on running the VegasProAm series as well as a few XDC events, plus build a missile car for all star bash. This will be my first year in competition and I’m really exited to see how it all goes.
Vd – What are your thoughts on the Las Vegas drifting scene?
MP – I like it a lot, most people are really friendly and willing to help each other out when need be. Hard to find the same sportsmanship in other racing sports.
Vd – What advice would you give to someone that’s new to the scene?
MP – Have fun with it, don’t think you need to build a high hp car right off the bat in order to be accepted into the scene. Buy a cheap RWD stick shift car and have a blast. That’s the point of drifting is to keep things fun.
Vd – Well thanks for the interview Mark! We’ll see you at the next event. Are there any sponsors or people you would like to thank or mention?
MP – Special thanks to Trav for finishing up my car. Honestly I don’t think I’d have it running today if it wasn’t for him. Josh our parts guy for supplying me with a lot of random gaskets and things I always end up needing the night before an event my wife for being super patient and understanding during this build process. Our sponsor Fastwayracer for hooking us up with parts and awesome deals.
Photo Credit
  • TerrynKlever|Photography

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