Vd – Garret Nikolich from Team Get Nuts Lab has battled all season and the hard work paid off. Nikolich was able to secure a Formula Drift license with VegasProAm. Congrats on getting licensed!! So Garret, what are your plans for the 2013 season?

GN – Thanks for the events and cool prizes. Next year, I’d like to run as many events as possible like this year, XDC, Pro-Am, horse theif mile. Maybe more.

Vd – Of all the battles this season, which was the most challenging?

GN – On the track its nothing like that. Its just business. Each and every battle presents its own difficult and unique challenges. How well you deal with them determines who wins. Sometimes you throw the phazer, other times you just go hard. some memorable battles I had this season were against Vitaly, Wicknick, Forrest, and Eric Hill. I’ve been fortunate enough to drive with all of these dudes in and out of competition a lot this year. Thanks guys.

Vd – Is Get Nuts planning on competing in the Formula D All-Star Pro-Am Invitational at Irwindale?

GN – I don’t think they are doing that.

Vd – What advice can you give the “up and coming” VegasProAm drivers?

GN – Up and coming pro am drivers, there is so many just here in Vegas! If you want to do this with any seriousness, make sure you have your car built by a reputable shop. Having a crummy car can make competing in drifting kind of miserable.

Garret’s Drifting Tips and colorful one liners….. in no particular order of importance
  • Bash bars, REAL ONES.
  • Always keep in mind drifting is all about style. keep your car looking fresh. the better you impact the better your score. even if you get knocked out or don’t qualify, at least you’ll look cool… you are getting judged for style after all. Also, sponsors don’t want their name on a car that may make them look bad, because even if you don’t win the event, plenty of people will photograph and stop by your pit to check out your car. marketing.
  • Make sure your car sets you off from everyone else, and not in a bad way.
  • Wear a shirt
  • Don’t get a v8, its important that your car sounds cool too, look at Diego.
  • Stack your odds!
  • I have also noticed, a lot of drivers waste tires. I like to get as many of these tires as possible even if i only get 1-2 runs out of them its more driving time, you get to feel the difference in sizes, tire compounds, and how they smoke, having a good smokey tire is always a good weapon, look at Diego.
  • Make sure your turbo makes cool surging sounds.
  • I’m not saying go street drifting in the rain, but that’s the best time to do drifts, and get some hoopty car to practice in, and practice in it.
  • Don’t street drift.
  • Watch your tire pressure.
  • Ask other drivers about drifting, doesn’t matter who they are or why, just ask
  • Don’t take the shooter line.
  • Go talk to other drivers… if you think they hate you, be their best friend, make friends with drivers. If they do hate you, talk to them anyway. Don’t be that guy… seriously….drifting is a small world, and there is way to much drama, ask yourself, did you really decide to do this to be crabby and hold grudges, or are you doing this cause you love it cause that goes with making friends and having fun. Its not sparta, why so serious… just drive, and be friendly about it.
  • Get NOS, 2 bottles, the big ones.
  • Don’t crash into people. (unless everyone is in a missile car, in which case, crash into everything)
  • Don’t be a follow line only driver. I hate follow line only drivers. tandem with everyone lead or follow take turns, find someone cool and tandem with them.. tandem with everyone. and don’t be a follow line only driver.
  • What would Diego do?
  • Have fun with rent -a- cars
  • On days of competitions I find, I do my best when I have a balanced breakfast, who knows when you will eat next, once your in the venue your trapped and you may not eat again until after. A good balance of vitamins and nutrients to start the day, can ensure you certain victory.
  • Don’t be late.
  • Make the inside of the car look cool too, your gonna be spending a lot of time in there, lots of dimple plates, gussets, pretty nic nacks, diamond plate, cool shift knobs, and stickers… they help pass the time.
  • Left foot braking.
  • Go to japan, get a job as a tofu delivery boy, drive an old corolla up and down the mountain pass every day, like its your job.. cause it is.
Vd – Once again Garret, big ups on your success!! Who would you like to give credit to?

GN – Man, I owe everything to Forrest for the opportunity, my dad and my family for keeping me going, my team/crew.

My sponsors:

  • Get Nuts Lab
  • M7 japan
  • Driftmotion
  • Godspeed
  • Stance
  • Blastfome clothing and anyone who cheered me on or congratulated me, that’s what keeps me going. Thank you all. see ya next season!!
  • Erwin Weaver
  • Jason Sudds (night photo)
  • David Karey – AMDRIFT.com
  • M7 Japan

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