Vd – With this being his first VegasProAm season, Joey has become a familiar face at the local comps. Ok, tell us about yourself and why you started drifting.

JS – Well I was born and raised here in Vegas. I’m married with 3 boys. I know I’m probably one of the older guys out here at 32. I’ve been around cars since I was very little and love wrenching on them. I was big in the Import scene 12 years ago but I was an Acura guy back then. A few years ago, I saw some “street drifting” at one of the import meets I was at and it seemed so much more fun than drag racing. That night when I get home I searched Google about drifting. At 10am the next morning i knew it was something i wanted to be apart of. After getting the car it took me years to convince my wife that it was safe. We went to FD Vegas 2010 and that night i got the answer i had been waiting for. Started ordering parts the next morning.

Vd – Give us a recap of your 2011 VegasProAm season.

JS – This year was overall a great year with lots of ups and downs. This was my first year drifting and first time i tried drifting was February this year. Round 1 was an adventure for sure. I had the stock Ka24e pushed to its limits. It was very challenging to say the least. I learned so much and met a bunch of cool new people that all gave me, the new guy a lot of help. I made a few changes including 2 single cams to the car before Round 2. The course was more of a challenge. That’s when I knew if I wanted to continue i needed more power. Round 3 i had the new Rb20det power and it really helped. That event was the worst one all season for me. I had some track debris get up in the steering and i hit the K-Rail and totaled the car. Very hard hit but i walked away. Round 4 i unveiled a new car built in 8 days. DDS built me a cage after i found a chassis in record time. Tested the new car on Monday night before the event and made a large swing at the set up before Thursdays paid practice. Round 4 was very new with much higher speed. I qualified 6th with a great 2nd run and believe I finished 10th. I’m very happy with this year and cant wait for next season.Vd – What was it like driving on the FD course at VegasProAm round 4.

JS – It was so unreal running that course. Last year i was on the other side of the fence watching and then here i am running on the fastest FD course. The entire course was very intimidating for me. Last event i hit the wall and now I’m pushing this new car to 80+mph and throwing is sideways between nothing but K-Rails. This was hands down the best event of the year.

Vd – What mods have you done on your 240 Hatch?

JS – It has a RB20DET running stock boost. It has a front mount inter-cooler, walbro 255lph, fuel pressure regulator, custom ignition set up, running on pump gas with stock tune. I’m running Godspeed hyper rs on the rear and no name coils on the front. I have a welded diff and rear sub-frame spacers and rear links. Most of what I had in the old car is in this one. (Click here to view Joey’s build thread)

Vd – What advice would you give to someone that wants to get into drifting?

JS – First thing i would tell them is to get a Rwd car and get out there. We are so lucky to have U-drift where they not only provide a legal place to drift, they will teach you as well. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need a high horsepower car to drift. It does help but you should start out and learn to control a low power car. So much you learn from low power that you need even with high power cars.

Vd – In your opinion, what is the worst movie trilogy?

JS – Worst trilogy in my opinion was the scream trilogy. First one was ok but could not even sit through the other two.

Vd – Thanks for the interview Joey. We will see you at the next VegasDrift competition! Are there any sponsors or people you would like to thank?

JS – I would like to start by thanking my wife, friends and family for all the support this year. I would like to thank everyone at VegasDrift for great events and all the advice and help this season. I need to thank Lance with DaeDalus Automotive for helping me get the car together for round3 and building the new car for Round 4 in 8 days. Kyle with DDS for building me an awesome cage and a second cage in such short time. Big thanks to Billy with Functiontheory.com for all the help and the pictures this season.


Photo Credit

Billy with Functiontheory.com

Joel Cada – Third Eye Photography


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