Vd – With VPA 2011 being Mark’s first season of competition, he has earned a spot in the “Top 16” for the first two rounds. Mark, we know you’ve been in the scene for a while, give us a brief history of how you got into drifting.

MT – Well before drifting I was into autocross. I’ve autocrossed my 1985 Toyota Corolla GT-S and 1991 Toyota MR2 Turbo. I’ve always known about drifting and wanted to try it but I never had enough money to buy extra tires and pay the entry fee to do a VD event. Most of you know my older brother, Marlon Tecson, and his “rootbeer” AE86, he also got into drifting after doing autocross and roadracing. One night during the weekly Thursday car meets a friend of mine told me about this place called U-Drift that just recently opened at the speedway and I just had to go check it out. I was there during the middle of December and pretty much have been drifting non-stop since then.

Vd – Tell us about the experience so far with your first competition season.

MT – My experience so far has been amazing. I have a great time drifting with all the drivers competing in the 2011 season. I’ve also learned that it doesn’t really matter what you have done to your car, although it helps, but how much seat time you get and just listening to the judges to be able to drive the line they want to see. One of the most important things I have learned is just have FUN!

Vd – What upgrades and mods have you done on your S-13? What was the build process?

MT – My car is pretty basic compared to some of the cars that are running this year. The usual SR20DET swap, welded diff, coilovers, links, and etc. No upgrades really except for a fuel pump, front mount intercooler, turbo elbow, downpipe, and custom exhaust. My motor is still running on the factory T25 turbo with stock wastegate. No boost controller or anything also. My build is pretty simple; I got the car a little over a year ago and just little by little I got the parts I have on it now. Even with it caged and all the vinyls and what not, I still do daily drive the car once in a while, though I try not to so much anymore because its such a cop magnet now.

Vd – What’s it like working at a 7 day a week drift park?

MT – Working at U-Drift is awesome. I pretty much have unlimited seat time. Whether I am drifting my car or instructing in one of our U-Drift rental cars; I still am getting practice in every day that I’m working. I’m constantly driving and learning every day. Not to mention crazy out of the blue drift sessions when Mike Bolanos and Jesse Hanna roll through during some late nights! I am extremely lucky to be working at U-Drift, especially since I am competing in VPA 2011, I get to practice and practice and practice.

Vd – What other hobbies and interests are you involved in if your not getting seat time?

MT – I literally eat, sleep, and drift 24/7 haha. But if I’m not drifting I’m either hanging out with my girlfriend, friends, watching tv or movies. Spending time listening to music, facebook, youtube, car forums, watching drift videos, nothing out of the ordinary. I am rarely NOT drifting though so I don’t have much time to get into other hobbies.

Vd – Thanks for the interview Mark. Are there any sponsors or people you would like to mention?

MT – There are a number of people I’d like to thank. My girlfriend, who is my number one supporter and is always pushing me to do my best and just have fun. My older brother Marlon, for being part of my crew doing events, being my spotter and helping me set up my car. My boss and co-workers at U-DRIFT, without them I wouldn’t be competing at all this year. Brennan at 702 Graphics, for sponsoring me for round 2. Eladio Rodriguez at H1Performance for the excellent alignment. Mike and Dino at X13 Fabrication for helping me with some wiring and welding work. My parents, sisters, brother, and friends for supporting me! I’d also like to thank all of you guys behind the scenes. Nick, Mike, Ray, Tommy, Wes, Ace, and the rest of the VD Staff! You guys are awesome!

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