Vd – Robert Chin, VD track staff and knowledgeable wrencher, has been a part of the local drift scene many years now and was one of the 2010 VegasProAm judges. Alright Rob, tell us about your S-13 hatch. We know it was in hibernation mode for minute, but now that beast is fully operational.

RC – Running, not running… Its all the same right?? Actually the motor had recently experienced catastrophic failure after detonation melted down the sparkplugs and burned a hole on one of the pistons. Other than that, it runs great! We were out at a PCA track day that weekend, running the car hard for the first time since finishing up the car. The car had been running great all day, prior to the event’s last session. Currently the motor is as DDS performance for a rebuild but an engine swap may be in this car’s future. It should be back in action soon, but unfortunately I don’t have much time to get it running as quickly as I would like. This car is actually my first 240sx that I had purchased back in 2005 (I think), completely stock, and fairly beat up. At the time I assumed the car would simply get beat up and thrown away. Never would I have imagined I would still own this car, or that it would look or function the way it does today. This car has been through the more common powerplant choices for these cars. Stock motor, KA-T and now SR20 (KA-T was, by far, my favorite). This car has definitely been one of the the most involved projects I have undertaken. For the most part, the car is self/community built. I have been very fortunate to know many tremendous people whose hard work and dedication were invaluable in the development of this 240sx. I definitely couldn’t have done it without them. Click Here to view Robert’s build thread!

Vd – What are you plans for VPA Round 3?

RC – The engine problems have unfortunately ended this season for me. I had originally planned on running the first three rounds of the series.

Vd – Do you think it pays off to learn the ropes with a stock KA.

RC – Absolutely, it is where myself and many others 240sx owners I know have started. In general, I feel that the experience gained from driving and drifting lower power (maybe slower) cars is invaluable to a driver. There is something to be learned from driving all different types of cars and setups. It seems like in recent years there has been a trend in beginners moving away from these less modified, less powerful cars. It is truly a shame. It used to be that, among grassroots drivers, High powered dedicated track cars were more of the exception than the rule. The best advice I can give any novice driver is: Start small and simple, work your way up, and have fun!

Vd – What are your views on Japanese pros versus American pros?

RC – At this point, I feel the only difference is purely in driving style. Both Japanese and Americans drivers are tremendously talented. Anyone that thinks otherwise is fooling themselves.

Vd – What is the best local strip club you’ve been to?

RC – I’d have to say Treasures takes the cake and definitely can offer a quality experience. At the end of the day, it depends on what you want but many of the other ones are either too crowded, too dumpy, or have less (if any) good looking girls. Some places what will remain unnamed are just flat out terrible. Beware of these places!

Vd – You’ve witnessed the local scene since it’s infancy. Tell us how far the scene has come.

RC – Its phenomenal! As many “old guys” can tell you, Vegas used to have next to nothing. It used to be almost exclusively street drifting and Thursday night meets with maybe the occasional event once a year. For the longest time, local drivers were forced to travel out of state to see any track time. While part of me gets a bit of a nostalgic feeling thinking about the old days (and some potentially reckless behavior), the new local drift scene is amazing and an excellent opportunity for any aspiring local driver!

Vd – Tell us about your career goals outside of drifting?

RC – Currently, I’m working on my professional degree at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine (shadow lane campus). In a few years here I will be a licensed and practicing dentist. While its been quite tough, it has also been greatly rewarding. Never before would I have thought that I would be doing some of the things I am now, it’s pretty unbelievable. You never really know someone until you’ve seen the inside of their mouth!

Vd – Thanks for the interview Robert. Is there anyone you would like to thank or shout?

RC – My friends and family as well as everyone that has helped me out and been there for me over the years, the VegasDrift crew, the guys at DDS performance, Paladin Advanced Automotive, and Socal Speedshop (I’m sure there’s more). Also don’t forget, Cfinch and Joel!
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Joel Cada – Third Eye Photography



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