Vd – After VPA rd 2 we were able to catch up with Mike “BOMAC” Bolanos, a seasoned driver/instructor and judge for the VegasProAm series. Mike, what are your thoughts on the series after the first two rounds?

MB – First of all, I would like to say my greetings to all the VD members and supporters. Thanks for always supporting your grassroots drift community. Moving on to the 1st Vd Check-Up question. So, what exactly is in my thoughts towards the VPA series??? I’m very excited! This year definitely has a lot of flavors in the menu. From the local support and from our friends from CA, AZ, CO, NM, UT, and etc. I can’t disregard last years success but this season is definitely a positive movement towards FD standards and the newer breed of drivers are very good. I would say that 2011 is a good year for Vegas so far.

Vd – Coming from the judges booth, which was the closest and hardest battle to “make the call” on from Round 2?

MB – Without a doubt, semi-finals battle (top 4) between George Marstonovic (AZ) and Brandon Patterson (CA). As I remember before the OMT, non of the judges agreed to one winner. Judge #1 scored George, Judge #2 Brandon, and Judge #3 OMT. I was really blown away on how these drivers performed this round compared to all previous rounds in the VPA series since 2010. Of course each event has its own story, but the last round was definitely ranked #1 in my books. Its like watching FD or D1 live, except I was actually a part of judging these excellent drivers. The most exciting VPA Top 16 by far!!

Vd – Give us an update on your S-13.

MB – The update is… it’s still the same car! haha. I know I have mentioned before that I was planning on building a new chassis in hopes of participating couple rounds in FD. Lets just say that the hope met it’s demise and will be sticking to grassroots until further notice… maybe join VPA 2012. Don’t quote me on that! On the real, my s13 coupe was revived. I was able to get the rear end damage somewhat straightened out (good enough) and a make over on the front end and new paint. Car came out really good I wasn’t expecting that kind of result, i’m really happy with it. Took longer than expected (1 year) my last event with that car was May 28th, 29th 2010 for the VegasDrift/Justdrift Balcony event. Thanks to my Dad’s S13 hatch I was able to continue driving while the coupe project was in the works.

Vd – What’s your take on the wave of V8 swaps?

MB – Wave? more like a tornado with the means of destruction. I can’t hate on them, I would love to own one and would be nice to actually compete with power like that. Great power comes with great responsibility! You better have deep pockets for tires! haha. It does make the level of drifting go up a notch. Less motor issues with a lot more efficient horses to count on. Definitely different from your common drifting laws. I bet it’s really fun to drift one, but for now I can only imagine that feeling.

Vd – Being an old 86 driver, what are your thoughts on drifting with low HP?

MB – My thoughts haven’t change a bit. from a 4AGE powered corolla, S13 with single bangers or KA DOHC and etc. I think if you can give your self a chance to learn from a low hp cars you get to experience a lot more. Nothing wrong with low HP cars as longs as you can have fun with it.

Vd – Do you think the experience of judging has giving you something to apply to your driving?

MB – Most definitely! It’s different when you concentrate on setting the standards on the track that you are judging on. Drifting is a motor sport art, it is really important that you follow what the judges want. Sometimes when you are out there, you have to imagine how good you can look from the judges stand point. It’s like impressing your dads gf, no matter how clean you look if you are sloppy you don’t get any points.

Vd – What is your favorite 80’s band and movie?

MB – 80’s band? a lot, I’m pretty versatile with my music selection, from jazz, r&b, hip-hop, soul, and alternative. Up to this point I still believe that the 80’s towards the mid 90’s were the best years of music. For my best movie, it has to be “TOPGUN” I cant tell you how many times I’ve watched that movie and never ever got tired of it. You always want to play the best guy in a movie… in this case, who is your iceman?

Vd – Thanks for the interview Mike! We will see you at round 3 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Is there anyone you would like to mention or thank?

MB – Thanks Wes! And Thank you VegasDrift and Staff. As I always say and remind myself, I’m very proud to be a part of this organization. Drifting has been a passion for me ever since the 1st day I kicked the clutch of my corolla. To the OG people, new breeds, and future stars Thank you! You guys are a big part of VD’s success.

To Family and close friends who have always been there, Thanks for all the support!

To Justdrift for helping me out since I started being a regular driver and an instructor.

Thank you:
Maxxis Tires
Replay HD
BCE Designs
The Shop
Brian Camacho

Photo Credit

Larry Chen – Driftfotos.com
‘Sa Jamil Hogan “KidYosh” – Kidyosh.com
Joal Cada – Third Eye Photography


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