Well, all in all Ksport had a pretty good weekend in sin city this past weekend even though we had a couple hiccups along the way Friday afternoon on the way up to Vegas.  Our owner’s NSX suffered a tire blow out on one of his rear 19″ Advan wheels just outside of Wickenburg, AZ.  Our good friend Todd from Fueled Racing was able to bring the necessary tools and spare stock wheels to get the NSX back on the road after a slight 3 hour delay on the side of the freeway.  Not long after that around 6:30pm, our 24ft enclosed trailer also blew out a tire just north of Boulder, NV.  Luckily for us it was only about a 30 minute turn around.  We had a spare wheel & tire but for some unknown reason the spare wheel was the wrong bolt pattern (wtf right?).  Luckily there was a Big O Tire about 8 miles away that was open till 7pm so Corey, Dustin and I made quick work of disconnecting the trailer, jacking it up, taking the wheel off and drove the truck down there to get the tires swapped over. Continue Reading this post at the K-Sport Blog Site.


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